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Christian School


Kindergarten through 8th Grade


We're glad that you are considering Calvary Chapel Rialto Christian School as a place to educate your child. We believe your choice of school is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent and we believe you have come to the right place!

Calvary Chapel Rialto Christian School was founded to serve the children of this area with loving teachers and a staff committed to delivering a quality education and the Word of God to each student in our care.


The school was officially opened in September of 2005 as a way for the parents of Calvary Chapel Rialto to have an alternative for educating their children. Public schools, of course, did not have a foundation in Christ and, in fact, were becoming more and more hostile to Christians in general. Home schooling, while an acceptable alternative, was not for everyone. Thus, the leadership at CCR began the process of putting together a plan for a pre-school and an elementary school, complete with before and after school daycare. That goal was realized in September of 2005 when Calvary Chapel Rialto Christian School opened its doors to begin the new school year with 14 students.


Today, school enrollment has grown to 140 students, preschool through 8th grade, and the resources are available to eliminate all combination classes when the size of each class warrants it. It has been an amazing time watching the Lord develop and build a school that will not only educate His children, but honor His name in the process. We look forward to what He has planned for us in the future!


"Simply the best Christian education at the lowest cost . . ."

“Education Founded on God's Word”

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