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Like many things, Scrip is only difficult until you understand how it can work for you! If it's a bit confusing for you right now, hang in there and know that it will make a world of difference in being able to afford a Christian school education for your child.


Eventually, you will see how easy it really is and you will more than likely get others to join you in raising money for your child's education and for CCR Christian School.


The key to understanding the beauty of Scrip is knowing that it ultimately comes down to two things: Volume and Consistency.


Volume: We're not talking about how loud the music is here. What we mean by volume is how much of something you are going to buy. Buying one card as a gift for someone is nice, but even if it has a return of 10% it's not going to amount to much by itself. You want to identify, through your budget, all the areas that you spend money that we have cards for and then use cards for ALL OF IT . . . that's volume!


Consistency: Buying scrip for a month's purchases is nice and will produce a nice profit, but to realize the real power of scrip you must do it consistently. Refine your budget so that you know what you spend in each area each month and then buy cards for that . . . EVERY MONTH . . . that's consistency! In approaching scrip this way, it will take a bit of organization and planning ahead, but the rewards will be truly amazing. Try it and see!



Things to Remember. . .

Planning is the key to getting the most out of your Scrip purchases. Be sure to work out a budget and plan ahead for what you need, even when it comes to gifts and entertainment.


Also, know that while we have a number of the more popular cards on hand, large orders and special orders will take a bit more time. We place our orders every Monday morning, so if you have your order in by Sunday afternoon then you can count on having all of your cards by Friday. Again, plan ahead!


Placing orders can be accomplished during regular school office hours or after Sunday morning services between the buildings. Look for our table and easy-up. If you're looking for something we might have on hand, it's always best to call ahead and see if we have those particular cards. Some of the more popular cards go very fast! So be sure to call.



"Scrip can offset the cost of a private education without compromising your budget"

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