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Paying for a private Christian school education is, admittedly, a serious financial conderation. For most families, there is not a lot of room in the budget to even consider such a move.


However, we want every family to know that we believe a place at Calvary Chapel Rialto Christian School is within the reach of every family that desires it. Granted, for some it will be a tremendous financial challenge, but we believe it will be well worth the effort.


The process of being able to send your child to CCR Christian School begins with a realization that they will receive a much better education that is grounded in the Christian principles and doctrines that we have come to live our lives by. When we keep this in mind, it will give us motivation to modify and change some of the way we do things so that we will have the financial resources to afford private school.


Once we are sufficiently motivated, the next step is to write down a fairly detailed monthly budget. If you do not have a budget or do not see the need for it, we recommend that you sign up for our Crown Financial bible study so that you can begin to focus on the proper use of God's resources. In the meantime, having a budget will show you exactly where you spend your money every month and where you might be able to trim so that you can put money away for school. For example, after finishing your budget you might notice that you can trim one Starbucks drink a week, which doesn't seem like much until you realize that over the course of the year that one drink a week will give you an extra $247 to spend on your child's education. Or, you might notice that you can trim one fast-food family meal a week and barely feel it, but the financial windfall will be $1,040 by the end of the year - or a third of the entire cost of a year at CCR Christian School.


Now that you have your budget calculated for each month it's time to note where you are spending necessary money for food and other normal expenses. Then, consult our Scrip program and note the companies that fall into those categories. There are literally hundreds of grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, discount department stores, restaurants and other entertainment - there is even an American Express cash card for those things that don't fit anywhere else!


"A quality education at CCR Christian School is not as expensive as you might think"

Then, begin making regular purchases of Scrip to cover those expenses each month. While you are spending what you normally spend at the various stores, a small discount for each card will be returned to you as profit that can be applied to your child's account, or to the school in general. No two accounts will be the same, but just to see how this works we can use a family that spends $1,000 each month on food, entertainment, gas, gifts, and other assorted expenses. In using Scrip instead of cash or credit cards, the discounts will average out to about 5% which would leave you with a $50 profit at the end of the month that would be applied to your child's account - just for doing your normal shopping! It doesn't take much calculating at this point to realize that if you got six friends in the church or in your neighborhood to do the same thing in your child's name, the entire cost of a CCR Christian School education would be paid for by Scrip discounts!

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