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CCRCS: Middle School


Certainly an answer to prayer, the Calvary Chapel Rialto Middle School opened its doors for business in the fall of 2014.

The challenge, of course, was to create a middle school that would meet the needs of students in 7th and 8th grades while still maintaining a cost-effective stewardship of God's resources. The result was a mastery-based concept in which the students would begin to learn and apply concepts across the curriculum that would prepare them for the rigors of any high school curriculum.


The two-year scope of this mastery-based concept prepares each child with the skills and concepts necessary to take on the advanced curriculum of high school. The true beauty of this concept is that it allows students to move at their own pace and "master" concepts as they go.


The middle school employs the Bob Jones University Press curriculum to develop skills and concepts.


We know you will enjoy the results of all our hard work, so give us a call at

909-820-9072 and set up an appointment to visit the school.


"Our middle school offers a great alternative to the public school culture battles."




Mrs. Amy, Language Arts, 7th Grade Social Studies, & Bible


Mr. Aguilar Math, 8th Grade Social Studies, & Bible


Mr. Cirilo, Physical Education

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