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Calvary Chapel Rialto Christian School adopted the time-tested and proven Bob Jones University Press (BJU) school curriculum for Christian Schools for our Middle school and High school and the Abeka Christian School Curriculum for our Elementary School.


These are exceptional curriculums that challenge students with hands-on projects and accelerated reading experiences to bring out the most in each and every student.


The curriculums are updated and improved on a regular basis, so you can be sure that students at CCR Christian School are always at the cutting edge of subject area content and content delivery. It is, in short, a curriculum you can trust. We do! For a closer look at the curriculums, please click the graphic above and explore the BJU web site for yourself or navigate to the Abeka Christian School website to check out that curriculum. Once you have done that, please feel free call and make an appointment to drop by the school office and check out the various grade-level materials. We think you will be impressed with the quality and scope of the material.

"BJU Press curriculum provides students with an opportunity to apply the concepts that they have learned"

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